May 14, 2022

Every day, the LNG Shipping SA bunker vessels prove their competitiveness, flexibility and operational added value. Our fleet is perfectly maintained and crew members have been specifically trained to transport your cargo safely, promptly and in accordance with the requirements.

LNG London

LNG London was the first inland LNG bunker vessel in Europe. Operational since June 2019, LNG London has now proven its competitiveness, flexibility and operational benefit on a daily basis in a fast growing LNG market. While being loaded with LNG at a temperature of -160 °C, the need for ultimate safety standards and procedures is crucial. Big shout out to LNG London and her crew for their daily straightforward dedication and excellent performance.

Dead Weight 2,326 mt
Capacity 3,000 m3
Length 110 m
Width 15 m
Draft 3.2 m
Pump Capacity 650 m3/hour
Type Gas Tanker
Build 2019
Registration No. 6105621

New York

Dead Weight 4,299 mt
Capacity 4,560 m3
Length 125 m
Width 11.45 m
Draft 4.5 m
Pump Capacity 1,200 m3/hour
Type Estuaire (N) Tanker
Build 2010
Registration No. 6105170

Energy Stockholm

Dead Weight 6,865 mt or 5,420 mt
Capacity 8,000 m3
Length 135 m
Width 22 m
Draft 4.0 m
Pump Capacity 1,300 m3/hour
Type Estuaire (G) Tanker
Build 2023
Registration No. 6105762